How do I withdraw with cryptocurrency?

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We offer several cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. Certainly the most popular is Bitcoin. Please find below a guide explaining how to withdraw using Bitcoin via Coinbase (regulated cryptocurrency exchange in the United States), however, note that you may use any bitcoin wallet/exchange of your choice. 

  1. Sign up with 
  2. After you open up your account, please click on Portfolio at the top and then click on Bitcoin.

You will be directed to your Bitcoin Portfolio page, shown in the below image. 

  1. Click on Receive and then the icon as shown to the right of the Bitcoin address in order to copy it. This will copy a long string of random letters and numbers.
  1. Paste the generated address onto our website shown in the below image. 

After you submit and confirm your Bitcoin withdrawal in this fashion, wait until your coins are sent to your Coinbase account.

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