Why was my trade closed before the candle on the chart reached my stop loss?

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Please note that Sell orders are Buy at closure that closes at the Ask price. Due to the spread, the Ask price is higher than the Bid price. Please note that the MT4 platform draws its candles using Bid prices only, so you must take spreads into account and consider the Ask price.

To see the ASK line in MT4:

(desktop) Right click the chart and click Properties >> Common >> Show ASK line

(mobile) Go to Settings >> Charts >> Ask price line

If you require further information, please send us an email (from your registered email address) to support@tradersway.com Please include your trading account number and the order ID/s of the trade/s (order ID can be found on your MT4 Platform > Terminal > Trade or Trade History tab). Our senior colleagues will investigate the issue and get back to you within 24 hours during business days.

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