Why does it say “Not Enough Money” when I try to place a trade?

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The message “Not Enough Money” means that the Free Margin of your account is not sufficient to cover the amount of margin required to open your desired order.

Margin requirement depends on the lot size/volume and leverage.

For example, to open a position of 0.01 lot of USDCHF with a leverage of 1:1 required margin would be:

1,000 (0.01 lot) / 1 (leverage) = $1,000

If you set leverage to a maximum 1:1000 for example, the required margin would be $1.

Please check leverage level of your account in your Private office >> Live accounts section >> View All – https://po.tradersway.com/account/list/

Then, adjust it accordingly by clicking on the current leverage and selecting a new level from the drop-down list.

Note: It is required to restart MetaTrader 4 after the change in Private office to apply it on the account in the trading platform.

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