How do I deposit with a credit card?

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You may deposit with your Credit/Debit card via Vload (we do not offer card transfers directly to our bank).

Vload is a payment processor that sells cash vouchers. You may buy a voucher with your card and then redeem it into your live trading account. Transactions are instant.

First, visit this page:

1. Sign up for an account and enter information (In order to open a Tier 1 account you will have to upload an ID document and take a selfie. Tier 1 limit is 500 USD/EUR. Up to 4 transactions).

2. Purchase vouchers in the amount you wish to deposit to your Midas FX account. You can purchase multiple vouchers at a time if you wish.

3. To redeem a voucher go to the Client Office >> Deposit section and then to Credit/Debit Cards via Vload and enter the PIN number of the Vload voucher that you purchased with your card.

Note: The PIN can be found by clicking your name on the top right of the Vload site >> My Vouchers >> Down Arrow next to the word “Accepted” >> PIN.

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