What is blockchain confirmation?

Blockchain is a digital record of transactions. When a block with your transaction is added to the blockchain, it shows that the Bitcoin Network established this block. Each new block joined to the blockchain is another confirmation for your transaction. To guarantee that your transaction will come completed, you should expect at least 6 confirmations.

I wish to cash out via VLoad using my bank account. How do I do this?

When withdrawing via Vload, you will be receiving a PayOut voucher in your VLoad account which you will be able to ‘Cash Out’ to your bank account using Wire Transfer (your bank should have a SWIFT code). The detailed step-by-step guide is available on their website: https://docs.vload.com/vload_How_to_cashout_your_VLoad_Payout_Vouchers.pdf For further questions, we encourage you to contact …

What is an internal transfer? Is there a fee? How long will it take?

Internal transfer is a method to transfer the balance from one account to another. It is not a payment method for deposit/withdrawal. If you wish to make an Internal Transfer: 1. Log in to your Client Office and go to the Withdrawal section. Select Internal transfer — https://po.tradersway.com/withdrawal/inner 2. Enter your PIN Code. PIN code …

How do I make a withdrawal via VLoad?

ou may place a withdrawal request in your Client office >> Withdrawal >> VLoad — https://OFFICE/withdrawal/vload Note: Minimum withdrawal amount via VLoad is $100, and the withdrawal amount must be a multiple of 10s, for example, 100, 110, 150, 200, etc.