Instacoins is asking me for your address. How do I get it?

Please initiate Instacoins deposit through your Client Office >> Deposit >> Credit/Debit Cards via Instacoins — Our Bitcoin address is pre-entered on Instacoins.  Note: In case that you have already bought Bitcoins on Instacoins you may deposit them into your trading account by doing a standard Bitcoin deposit from your Client office >> Deposit …

Why is my deposit not showing in my trading account?

Please login to your Client Office >> History section: and check the status of your latest deposit. If the status of your deposit shows “Completed” please go to the Private Office main page: and refresh the page to see the funds on your account.If the status of your deposit shows “Pending” please contact …

How come deposits are much faster than withdrawals?

Please note that we are a financial services institution and as such there are certain procedures and checks we are required to follow when processing withdrawals. Due to the lengthy nature of those procedures withdrawals take more time than deposits.

What is blockchain confirmation?

Blockchain is a digital record of transactions. When a block with your transaction is added to the blockchain, it shows that the Bitcoin Network established this block. Each new block joined to the blockchain is another confirmation for your transaction. To guarantee that your transaction will come completed, you should expect at least 6 confirmations.

What deposit currencies are available?

We offer trading accounts in the following currencies: USD EUR GBP CAD  Payments made in a currency that is different from that of an account’s currency will be automatically converted to account currency.

How do I deposit funds by Instacoins?

You may initiate Instacoins deposit through your Client office >> Deposit >> Credit/Debit Cards via Instacoins — Once you enter the amount and press the Submit button, you will be redirected to Instacoins. Please follow the on-screen instructions and make a payment. Note: Some information on the Instacoins will be pre-entered, such as the …